eideaLink is an executive search and recruitment agency with total HR consultancy services as value-added services. 

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It is our commitment to deliver professional service according to
our high quality and ethical standards.
We listen actively to our clients and customers and act upon this information
to improve our services.
We thrive on our entrepreneurial spirit and quick response. “

Executive search

Executive recruiting is the cornerstone of our business. We start our search process by attaining, first of all, an understanding of the objectives of each client and the roles they require in order to meet their company goals. By focusing on these core issues we are able to identify potential candidates by taking a broad approach. 


As we always emphasis on continuous human capital development, we are delighted to also provide executive training, group coaching and 1-on-1 coaching as part of our integral service.  Our well experienced and very passionate training consultants and coaches are ready to inspire companies, teams and individuals to elevate into the next level through highly interactive and custom-build programs and workshops based on the latest coaching techniques.


   Ms Flora Pun 

Mr William Ho